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“In some flocks, I think the disease has crept in so slowly and quietly that the owners don’t recognize how much more production would be possible if the sheep did not have the infection.”





NOTE:    The OPP Society no longer publishes newsletters, but members and friends receive updates via email from time to time. For the latest info, always be sure to check our “News” and “Library” pages.

Summer 2015 Update (112 KB)

    Dr Mark Lelli: “Getting Easier to Make OPP a Thing of the Past” - Eradication Trial - Genetic Data/17 Breeds - New Members

Summer 2014 Update (103 KB)

    Genetic Research continues - OPP Eradication Trial in MN - “Economic Impact of OPP” by the Schwebachs - New Members

Summer 2013 Update (2.3 MB)

    James Baglien joins OPP Society Board - ‘Elitest’ ELISA now at MN-VDL - Genetic Research at USMARC - New Members

Summer 2012 Update (248 KB)

    Clark BreDahl column from The Shepherd magazine introduces new directions in OPP research - New Members

Fall 2011 Update (212 KB)

    OPP Society at WI Wool Fest - Joan Mueller - OPP on Nat’l Geographic TV - Neaton Family - Blood Sampling - New Members 

April 2011 (1.9 MB)

    Economic Benefits of Control (4000 Ewe Project) - Do Dams Transmit OPP? - Genetics a Quick Fix? - Schultz Flock Sold

December 2008 (436 KB)

    Dr Lynn Herrmann-Hoesing: Genetic Control of OPPV - Dr Richard Ehrhardt at MSU - OPP and Scrapie - SFCP


December 2006 (284 KB)

    OPP Test & Control Pilot Program - OPP a Scrapie Risk Factor? - Update on 4000 Ewe Project - Survey of Labs

April 2005 (176 KB)

    4000 Ewe Control/Eradication Project - Bleeding Your Own Sheep a Good Idea? - CAE in Dairy Goats

March 2004 (1.6 MB)

    Texel Leadership Commended - Honorary Lifetime Members Named - Certification Update - Advertising and OPP

March 2003 (176 KB)

     Dr Andres de la Concha’s Research at Texas A&M - OPP Certification? - OPP Society at MSWF - NAHMS 2001 Study


December 2001 (3.4 MB)

    Dr Cindy Wolf: OPP Test & Control - Certification? - Scrapie Genotyping - Whiteface and Scrapie - Foot & Mouth

March 2000 (2.7 MB)

    Dr Cutlip Retires - Dr Bulgin’s Presentation - Large Flock Testing - CSU’s PCR Test - Ontario Program - VSFCP

March 1999 (1.2 MB)

    Dr Marie Bulgin Speaking on OPP at WI - Kimberling Update - Free OPP Tests for VSFCP Flocks in NJ - MSWF

August 1998 (2.0 MB)

    Dr Kimberling’s Health Program Proposal - Dr Holly Neaton’s OPP Eradication - Commercial Producers’ Experience

August 1997 (1.6 MB)

    OSU Flock and OPP - List of Labs - MARC Research on OPP - New Brochure - Janet McNally/Clark BreDahl on OPP


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