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“In my mind, living with a chronic disease (OPP) is like living with a time bomb. One year of bad luck—drought, flooding, moldy hay,  enforced confinement, fill in the blanks—you will start losing good middle aged ewes from what appears to be bacterial pneumonia, or they won't be able to raise their lambs or they can't bounce back after weaning, etc.”




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Introductory Info:

UPDATED   OPP: Unlocking the Mystery (slide show) (Holly Neaton DVM, 2018) (2.3 MB)

NEW  Getting to Know the Elitest ELISA (Lewman, Neaton, de la Concha-Bermejillo, 2018) (156 KB)

Disease Awareness: Don’t Buy Trouble (slide show)  (Cindy Wolf DVM, 2017) (2.6 MB)

Health Challenges for the Sheep Industry (Holly Neaton DVM, Polypay Newsletter, 2016) (41 KB)

OPP Eradication: Why Have We Waited So Long? (Clark BreDahl, The Shepherd magazine, 2012) (254 KB)

USDA-APHIS 2003 OPP Info Sheet (Results from NAHMS 2001 Sheep Survey) (32 KB)

OPP/CAE Pilot Program, Minnesota (Protocol being updated; new version coming soon) (148 KB)

Producer Stories:

NEW  Eradication Trial Slide Show: 400-Ewe Flock (Rob Goerger, 2017) (1.3 MB)

NEW  Ovine Progressive Pneumonia, A Personal Story (Bill Fosher) (33 KB)

Economic Impact of OPP (Tom & Marilyn Schwebach) (94 KB)

One Farmer's View (Importance of OPP, Greg Pauley) (1.2 MB)

ASI Funded Expansion of OPP Eradication Project:

Plans are in motion to further document the findings from Minnesota’s Eradication Trial. Having recently retired from the University of Minnesota, ASI’s Animal Health Committee Co-Chair Dr Cindy Wolf will lead this project.

NEW  Producer Application form: ASI OPP Pilot Project (return form to ASI by July 1, 2018) (154 KB)

Minnesota’s OPP Eradication Trial:

This four-year trial ran from Fall 2013 through Fall 2017. For easy printing of selected pages, the files below have been excerpted from our 16-page final report. To view the report in its entirety, please click here.

NEW  Introduction to the Trial (Holly Neaton DVM,  Judy Lewman) (48 KB)

NEW New Strategy Works — No More Orphaning! (Lewman, Neaton DVM) (431 KB)

NEW  Producer report: Froehlich (Kelly, Jean and Steve Froehlich) (170 KB)

NEW  Producer Report: Goerger (Rob Goerger Family) (288 KB)

NEW  Producer Report: Hammond (Dan Hammond) (175 KB)

NEW  Producer Report: Stormo (Karen Stormo) (388 KB)

NEW  Can YOU Afford to Eradicate OPP? (Lewman, Neaton DVM) (87 KB)

NEW  Submitting Samples for OPP Testing (Lewman, Neaton DVM) (188 KB)

NEW  Eradication Recommendations and Guidelines (Lewman, Neaton DVM) (572 KB)

NEW  The People Who Made it Happen (104 KB)


cELISA Chlamydia Vaccine Cross-Reactivity Study (Dr Devi Patnayak, The Shepherd, 2015) (729 KB)

OPPV Transmission via Aerosol vs. Oral (Dr Lynn Herrmann-Hoesing et al, 2012 paper) (233 KB)

USDA-APHIS 2015 Info Sheet: Disease Awareness (Results from NAHMS 2011 Sheep Survey) (420 KB)

USDA-APHIS 2015 Info Sheet: Health, Biosecurity (Results from NAHMS 2011 Sheep Survey) (801 KB)

Testing and Control of OPP (Cindy Wolf, DVM, from 2000 MVMA Proceedings) (66 KB)

Horizontal Transmission/Productivity Study (1995 paper reviewed by Bob Leder, DVM) (66 KB)

OPP Controversy (Norm Gates DVM, Marie S Bulgin DVM, Bob Leder DVM) (1.9 MB)

Genetics and OPP:

While some may opt to employ the new DNA testing in their OPP control efforts, USDA researchers have since found that some strains of the OPP virus have adapted to infect sheep regardless of their genotype. Therefore, at this time the OPP Society does not advocate genetic selection as a route to eradication. Concentration should be on removing the virus, not controlling it, or you will be right back where you began in a few years. In summary, all breeds are susceptible to infection, so all shepherds need to be aware of this risk and the need for biosecurity.

NOTE: The first two files below, a 2013 slide show and related paper, planted the seeds for Minnesota’s OPP Trial.

Integrating Genomics, Testing, and Management Strategies to Control OPP (slide show)

                   (Dr Kreg Leymaster, ASI Convention, January 2013) (8.1 MB)

Effects of TMEM154 on Susceptibility to the OPP virus (Dr Kreg Leymaster et al, August 2013) (718 KB)

OPP Variant Infects all Genotypes (Dr Michael Clawson et al, 2015 paper from USMARC) (1.7 MB)

Incidence of Infection in 39-month-old ewes,  TMEM154 (Dr Kreg Leymaster et al, 2015) (727 KB)

10th World Congress/Genetics-TMEM154 (Dr Mike Heaton et al, 2014 proceedings) (810 KB)

Genetic Testing for TMEM154 . . . (Dr Mike Heaton et al, 2013 paper includes breeds chart) (1.4 MB)

TMEM154 GeneSeek Submission Form (see our “News” page for more on this OPP susceptibility test) (59 KB)

Genetic Susceptibility (Drs Mike Heaton & Kreg Leymaster, USMARC, 2012 article for OPP Society) (639 KB)

TMEM154 Susceptibility Gene (Dr Mike Heaton et al, 2012 paper from which above article prepared) (532 KB)

Genome-Wide Study of Breeds (2012 paper, International Sheep Genomics Consortium) (946 KB)

Genetic Control of OPP (Dr Lynn Herrmann-Hoesing, USDA-ARS, 2008 article for OPP Society) (78 KB)

Future Tool to Fight OPP? (Dr Stephen White, USDA-ARS, NIAA newsletter 2008, see page 4) (254 KB)

Glossary of Genetic Terms  (Link to excellent talking glossary:  from the National Institutes of Health)

Genetics 101 (Link to fun, easily followed cartoon in 4 parts:  from “23andMe”)


2018 Member Directory (print friendly 8-page format) (378 KB)

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3-Fold Brochure (Color, 8-1/2 x 11 paper, print both sides, fold) (283 KB)

Promo Cards (Color, 8-1/2 x 11 card stock, 4 cards/sheet, print both sides, separate/cut) (2.2 MB)

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